Our multidisciplinary art events take the form of short festivals or one-day events, offering a rich and diverse cultural experience and promoting creativity, innovation, and understanding. We combine various artistic disciplines, such as visual arts, music, dance, theater, literature, and film, to create a unique and immersive experience for the audience.


The benefits of our multidisciplinary events :

A broader range of artistic expression: By including multiple disciplines, we offer a wider variety of artistic styles, techniques, and perspectives and bring diversity in approach to a common goal or issue.

Increased audience engagement: Combining different art forms creates a more dynamic and engaging experience for the audience, encouraging them to participate and engage with the art actively.

Opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration: We bring together artists from different backgrounds, allowing them to collaborate and create new and innovative works and expand their network.

A chance to break down barriers and stereotypes: We aim to explore different cultures, societies, and perspectives, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around us.

A platform for emerging artists: We offer a platform for emerging artists from diverse backgrounds to showcase their work and gain exposure.

Geneva Buzz'Art 2022

Geneva Buzz’ART 2022 debuted in May, showcasing an array of stunning art and celebrating the creativity that kept us sane during the extended confinement. Our inaugural event was a resounding success, featuring a diverse collective exhibition of 22 artists, supplemented by theater and contemporary dance performances, interactive presentations, and panel discussions. Held over three half-days, the event was hosted in a stunning three-floor gallery in the heart of Geneva.

In our discussions, we explored the challenges and opportunities faced by professional artists, focusing on the impact of technological innovation on the art world. We pondered whether these shifts are ultimately beneficial or detrimental to artists and engaged in thoughtful discourse to better understand the effects of these changes. Additionally, we emphasized the importance of self-reflection and inner transformation, which we believe are essential components of personal and collective evolution.

Our panel discussions were prevalent, selling out within the first ten days of their announcement. Our marketing and communication campaign was executed in collaboration with Geneva Business News, our partner in this project. We are proud to have achieved such success through the hard work and dedication of our fantastic team, excellent partners, and passionate artists.

We look forward to the future of Geneva Buzz’ART and the continued celebration of art and creativity in all its forms.

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