Founders story

We are becoming increasingly aware of the interconnectivity of everything, and if we desire conscious and powerful communities that care for our planet, we must begin with the individual. We must help each other find purpose and meaning in our lives and feel accepted for who we are. Only when we learn how to nourish ourselves and truly trust our capacities can we make better decisions and be of service to the world from a loving space.


From Sandra Massariol, the founder of The House 22.

In 2015, after my father lost a battle with cancer, I felt like I needed a fresh start and a new perspective. I had no money or plan, just my dreams and a burning desire to move. I got. a call from a friend from Geneva: „He said do you want to come to Switzerland for a couple of months? I said yes. Once again, I gave myself the challenge to start life from scratch. I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery full of challenges and rewards. This new chapter opened unpredictable avenues for growth and expansion.

The child in me, who grew up in the midst of violence, poverty, and injustice, yearned for a world where we could feel safe. Where borders would not limit us, where we could unite through the joy of creativity and be accepted for who we are. For me, that world was only possible when writing poetry, painting, or dancing. When I observe artists creating, I see innocent and carefree children channeling their emotions and visions into beauty. Art and creativity became a sanctuary.

In my 17-year career, I have worked in diverse industries, from art to diplomacy, supporting high-ranking executives in realizing their aspirations and transforming their visions into a reality. And while these experiences equipped me with numerous tools, my desire to make a difference and stand up for social justice was whispering in the back of my head. Dare. Believe. Live

In 2018, I joined a non-profit organization,’ Dance with me, which creates programs for refugee children utilizing improvisational theater, Nonviolent communication, and creative writing to help young people heal and express their experiences through performances based on real-life stories. 


During my four-year tenure with the organization, I witnessed the power of art as a therapeutic tool on numerous occasions. That’s when I realized that creating a safe environment, fostering creativity and self-expression, and helping people discover that spark of joy gives my life meaning and allows people to feel more connected and kind to themselves and those around them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I took the time to reflect on my next steps and merge my passion for art and project management. That’s when The House 22 came to fruition, and the concept began to take shape. My inaugural project was conceptualizing an art festival called Geneva a Buzz’Art, which celebrated the importance of art by bringing together various forms of expression and offering educational and entertaining programs. From that moment, all my energy was focused on creating concepts and getting the right people to the right place, making change happen.

From the Art Director, Brian Ca

I was born in the south of France to a mother who worked as a cleaner and a father who was a forklift operator. Growing up, culture was not a regular part of my everyday life, but I was fortunate to have a passion for dance from a young age and parents who were open to it. I was also lucky to meet Céline Perrot, who offered me dance classes at her school for a low cost since it was difficult for my family to afford extra expenses for their children’s hobbies. A few years later, after completing my Baccalauréat, I joined the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon and the renowned Ballet Junior de Genève on a scholarship.

In 2017, I bought my first camera to record my dance creations and discovered my passion for photography. I realized I was passionate about creation, regardless of the form. Since then, I have discovered new skills, such as composing music, digital stage design, choreography, sewing, team leadership, score reading, and connecting artistic dance teams with orchestras and musicians.

I have had the opportunity to work and grow in institutions and companies such as Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg (LU), Elisabeth Schilling (DE), Opéra du Rhin (FR), Clod Ensemble (UK), and many others. These opportunities across Europe have opened my artistic mind and expanded my sociological analysis of humanity and understanding of society.
Today, I run my own dance company, Le Ballet Populaire, which produces contemporary dance shows and performance works with a strong influence of psychology, sociology, and reality alteration, intended for all types of audiences.



In 2022, I met Sandra and participated in the Geneva Buzz’Art festival. Shortly after, she offered me the opportunity to collaborate and join the team of The House 22 as an art director, which I immediately accepted because we share common values and ways of thinking. We aim to make Buzz’Art an international festival and platform fostering growth, expansion, and education.


Building a community of dedicated and invested individuals willing to co-create a better today and tomorrow for all.


Raising awareness and accelerating change through the power of storytelling and knowledge exchange.